NIKA 2004    


LTD “Nika 2004”


LTD “NIKA 2004” has renewed production of ferroalloys. Currently we produce Ferrosilicomanganeze with mark MnC17, where the manganese content is 72%, Si 14-15%/
We can produce the Ferrosilicomanganze with mark MnC17 where manganese content is 60-65%.
The price of FeSiMn (Mn-72%) is 1100 USD Dollars (Cleaned from duties and loaded into cars)













Electric Arc Furnace included (transformer, short network, lining, exhaust system)



Productivity: 4-5 tons per hour: wheat, corn, sand, pumice, perlite, limestone, cement clinker, iron ore and manganese in different fractions (0-10mm), as well as various bulk materials.
Applications: manufacture of road and building materials, metallurgy, paint, chemical, for the enrichment of the mining ores, gold and diamond mining industries, processing and recycling of industrial and household waste.



various sizes and shapes steel and cast iron castings, steel armor, forged steel balls






sand washer with 4 fractions



sand washer with 4 fractions


sand washer with 4 fractions





Sand Seeder 70-80 м3/H



hoisting-lowering mechanism for ferro-alloy furnace graphite electrodes


sand washer



Sand Seeder 


electric arc ferro-alloy furnaces

steel melting furnaces